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Our manufacturing locations have invested in the required treatment facilities heavily to ensure that we are compliant with all local regulations. Also, our ultimate goal is to exceed these with the knowledge that regulations provide. All our products are supplied with certificates of analysis and we take every measure to ensure that these fit into the regulatory requirements of the customers that we supply. Our business ethics and attention to the environment are also of vital importance.

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Iron oxide red

This pigment has a wide range of applications for different purposes from construction and decorative coatings to beauty industry. Its economically affordable price has made it popular in modern society.

Titanium Dioxide (RUTILE)

Due to its perfect UV absorbent properties, it can be used for multiple purposes. Plus, since it has a great hiding power, it can be applied with other pigments.

Iron oxide yellow

This pigment has a high tinting strength and hiding power which makes it ideal to be used in paint and coating industries, as well as cosmetics and construction.

Iron oxide blue

This pigment provides an exquisite color which makes it really unique. Due to its anti-corrosion properties it can be used as primer in construction and so many other industries.

Inorganic pigments

These types of pigments undergo some chemical processes in order to give a higher purity percentage and a better dispersibility. In this case, they provide a more homogeneous mixture at the end of the process.

Iron oxide green

This pigment has a high thermal stability , dispersibility and hiding power. It can be used in composite industry ,paint and coating and construction.

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we passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 and the audit team spoke highly of our achievement in the management of quality and environment protection and the way we innovate our technological methods.

Investments on quality

TOPROCK Pigment established its company with investment of 0.6 billion and it is the largest and world third iron oxide pigment factory, with low carbon/low energy consumption, high and stable quality.

Pioneer in production

TOPROCK Pigment invested 0.12 billion to upgrade environmental protection machines and by December, it has been accepted. Now, TOPROCK Pigment has become the pioneer in the field of iron oxide pigment in environmental protection issues.

Environmental upgrades

Toprock Pigment has developed three water treatment centers using ammonia nitrogen treatment that became the first non-emission procedure in the iron oxide industry. We invested millions of dollars on this industry benchmark in the field of environmental protection.

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